Communication Services

Helen Rennie-Smith has wrapped up her most popular services in packages, ready to order straight off the shelf. Do get in touch for a 30 minutes free talk about how your communication can be improved.

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LinkedIn Make-Over

Make sure your LinkedIn account is actually working for you and your plans. We assess your needs and goals, consider your content and future actions on LinkedIn. You get four hours of consultancy time, divided over two meetings and research, totally focusing on improving your LinkedIn presence.

Make Them Listen!

The ultimate road to public speaking in business or politics. We explore a wide spectrum of aspects of getting your message through to the right target group. Make Them Listen! is a workshop of 4×2 hours in groups of max 6 people. They are also available as webinars.

Lobby Your MP

Discover how you can get your message through to the decision makers in Westminster. Read a short blog about the webinar. This is a webinar for up to six individual participants or an action group.

Communication Strategy

Take command of your communications and launch a pro-active communication strategy with clear goals of what you want to communicate, to whom and why. After eight hours of total dedication to your communications issues a strategy will be ready for you to implement and your venture to thrive.