RSC Workshops

If you have enough clients and all the media attention you want in exactly the way you wish, then you can stop reading now. But if you want to improve your communications, the Rennie-Smith Communications Workshops are just what you need.

Communicating through PR and social media can reduce your marketing budget, but it is time-consuming if you don’t have a well thought-out plan. Successful communication requires a proactive approach where you’re in charge. A few days invested in RSC Workshops will give you a better grip of what you are doing and where you are going.

We work in small groups to ensure that everyone gets the time and space to work on their specific issues. You can choose between convenient locations in central or south west London.

Module 1 – Shape your message for PR
2 days

We analyse your communication messages and shape them for your target groups. You will also get a chance to review your communications tools and channels. At the end you should have your own strategy for cost-efficient PR campaigns.

Module 2 – Social Media Strategy
1 day

We look at the use of social media for small businesses with particular focus on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The aim is to create an inspiring social media strategy to make your communications swift and easy. This third day you can take separately or as an add-on to Module 1.

Reserve your place now!

Module 3 – Make Them ListeN
4 x 2 hours

Four extraordinary workshops to improve your communications and speaking skills. Join us this spring either for four Monday evenings over dinner at the Harcourt, Marylebone, or Saturday mornings in Putney Library.

If you need more information before you book, please contact us here.

What do others say?

These are a few voices from Helen Rennie-Smith’s LinkedIn recommendations:

Helen shared detailed expertise in the field of communication enabling me to take my business to a new level.

It has been great to hold on to a firm, professional and friendly hand when starting to navigate through in the jungle of Social Media.

It is a pleasure to work with Helen – I learned a lot from her.


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